Digital Health Firm Keheala Uses BitPesa to Pay Employees in Kenya

Keheala, a provider of digital disease management tools, uses BitPesa to pay its employees in Kenya and further integration. BitPesa is a bitcoin payment and trading platform operating out Kenya and Nigeria.

The multinational digital health company aims to end the problem of drug non-compliance by connecting patients with the community support and motivation that they need to get well. Keheala also provide healthcare agencies with remote-monitoring and analytics to combat epidemics in resource constrained environments.

Keheala recently implemented a pilot program with local partners in Kenya. Moving operations to a new region of the world, Keheala needed to hire local staff and determine a cost-effective way to process payroll quickly. However, many staff members did not have dedicated bank accounts or required frequent, micro-payouts.

Specifically, the company needed to instantly make bulk payments to staff and clinical supporters via bank and mobile money from the US and keep financial expenses down to focus on the pilot’s operations and success.

For Keheala, it was very important to send a single payment for all of their transactions in an affordable way. In 2015, Keheala started using BitPesa to pay employees in Kenya.

Founder & CEO of Keheala, Jon Rathauser, looked at several alternative solutions before selecting BitPesa. He says “being in the early stages of operation in Kenya, Keheala’s payroll needs are dynamic. BitPesa has demonstrated flexibility by adjusting with the speed of changes on the ground” In addition, Jon stated that “BitPesa beat pricing of every other competitor.” The company is saving between 3-4% on every transaction.

Speed and reliability are also important to Keheala given the nature of their healthcare business.

Rathauser says,

“Transactions are quick, so we do not have to worry about currency fluctuations.”

BitPesa definitely demonstrates their commitment. The way that the team is responsive to Keheala sets them apart. The team finds a way to make us happy. It’s the right partner and I value that.”

Keheala plans to further expand their Digital Health platform in Africa, integrating with BitPesa as a payment solution.

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