Wirex Creates iOS, Android Apps for Users in 130 Countries

Wirex, formerly E-Coin, has launched a new mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. The company says that the new app is compatible with the E-Coin platform and will enable users in more than 130 countries to conduct bitcoin and fiat financial transactions.

Dmitry Lazarichev, co-founder of Wirex and E-Coin, added:

“The Wirex app makes it easy for our users to use E-Coin cards while they are on the move. Our aim is to create products that feature blockchain technology in its core but yet extremely user-friendly. We already use our phones for so many things so why not integrate finances as well? For example, I can instantly send funds to anyone in my email list, no matter where they are in the world. The app also informs me of all transactions in real time, so if my debit card is ever compromised, I can quickly block the card straight from my phone. It’s a very convenient app for our users.”

Through the app, E-Coin platform users can register for a new account, hold bitcoin and fiat accounts in 3 currencies, view past transaction details, generate bitcoin address with QR code, transfer money to anyone with bitcoin or email address, keep track and load debit cards for instant spending in shops which accept Visa/MasterCard or perform withdrawal from ATMs, edit profile, and perform account verification.

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