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Code Valley Create Decentralised Peer-To-Peer Software Development System

An Australian engineering team from Code Valley has created a technology that allows a developer to contribute to software projects whilst retaining their intellectual property, along with earning bitcoin for contributions. Using this technology, it is possible for developers to repeatedly trade their specialist design expertise in exchange for bitcoin, creating a free automated market for software. Today, Code Valley is accepting requests for invites to the first phase of its release.

To begin trading in this marketplace, a developer creates their own vendor, a program that acts as their automated assistant and ‘intellectual property guardian.’ When contracted, this vendor program will automatically carry out its owner’s expertise – the developer’s design decisions – for them. Developers in any area can create this to begin trading in this marketplace. If a developer’s expertise is in demand, their vendor could be contracted any number of times, contributing to different projects, and earning its developer a continuous stream of bitcoin without additional input from the creator.

Noel Lovisa, the founder of Code Valley, said: “We can now have programs designed and built by the world’s foremost experts at every level of abstraction. This technology dispenses with formal runtime interfaces and uses no glue-logic whatsoever, making it the first development process of its kind capable of approaching optimal software solutions. Current methods will find it difficult to not only keep up on the productivity front, but will be hopelessly outclassed on a technical front as well, making this technology very competitive indeed.”

Code Valley has used the technology with its own development team, deploying vendors to make up the beginnings of the possible global marketplace. According to its roadmap, Code Valley will release this technology in three phases; Whitney, Ford and McIlroy, with the marketplace only transitioning to a new phase once it has collectively achieved a certain milestone. The Whitney release will begin in private beta.

People receiving Whitney invites will have the opportunity to begin populating voids within the marketplace and securing early-stage market-share, along with using the supply-chain to create their vendors. The first ‘vertical’ Code Valley will help the marketplace to secure is a ‘bitcoin vertical’. When bitcoin vendors enter the marketplace, any other developer in the world can contract them to integrate bitcoin functionality into their own applications. Bitcoin developers who create vendors that are part of the bitcoin market-vertical will have an opportunity to be compensated in direct proportion to the quality of their contributions.

Code Valley hopes that with the culmination of the final McIlroy release, this technology will have become the world’s first decentralised peer-to-peer software development system, underpinned by the world’s first decentralised peer-to-peer currency.

Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.
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