Bitcoin Market Report: Volatility All-Time Low 47.6%

Vancouver Island, Canada 02:00 UTC

Bit-x tops $BTCUSD

Price brief
Bitcoin is up 0.60% on the day, 4.41% on the month and 31.43% on the year.

Price change $BTCUSD
Day 0.60%
Month 4.41%
Year 31.43%

Bitcoin market report
Data courtesy @BraveNewCoin

$BTCJPY showed the most month to month price change with 5.08%. The popular $BTCUSD market was next with 4.41% increase in 30 days.

Bitcoin volatility
Noticed how bitcoin hasn’t been doing its “flash crash” thing lately? @PanteraCapital see BTC volatility down too:
Bitcoin market report
Data courtesy @PanteraCapital

Volatility is at an all-time low of 47.6%.

Bitcoin 30 day price
Bitcoin market report
Data courtesy @BraveNewCoin

BNC calculates the Liquid Index price for Bitcoin every 30 seconds. Data is aggregated from the top, most liquid, exchanges trading in Bitcoin.

Major $BTCUSD prices
Bitcoin market report
Data March 15 2016 courtesy @KittyBitcoin

@Gatecoin $BTCUSD monthly
Offering offshore trading in a regulated ether and bitcoin exchange take a look at the relative newcomer on the block:
Bitcoin market report
Data courtesy @Gatecoin

High US$ 439.08
Low US$ 370.47
Range US$ 68.61
%Range 18.52%
Last US$ 416.64

Gatecoin offers newer chart features such as a one click price/percentage toggle, and the easy pair picker up on the top left of the page. Shouldn’t every pair picker be top left?

Being mobile friendly is another of the satisfying features of the @Gatecoin website.

Bitcoin exchange marketshare all currency pairs
Month after month @huobicom and @OkcoinBTC garner the lion’s share of the world BTC market. The newcomer here is who have worked their way from the bottom to number three in just a handful of months.

Bitcoin market report
Data courtesy

Overtaking the likes of @YourBTCC @LakeBTC @Bitfinex @KrakenFX @coinbase and @BTCecom is no easy task. Yet @Bitx2014 have tackled this successfully and by a large margin – now with 2.14 million BTC traded in 30 days. With a convincing 1.91% marketshare – the next best is @YourBTCC with 1.34% – Bit-x is entrenched for now in world number three position.

@KrakenFx is actually a recent addition to the top ten list. While a major exchange since time immemorial – at least in blockchain time – their forte and volume has typically been in specialty pairs such as $BTCEUR, and not in $BTCUSD. With the help of near seamless addition of purchased exchanges their bitcoin volume is increasing. Kraken is also likely quite pleased with their addition of ether too.

$BTCUSD 24×7
The $BTCUSD market is one of the more popular with competitive markets open 24×7 from London to Singapore, Hong Kong to British Virgin Islands. London is registered headquarters for @bitx2014.

Quiz: Which top ranked $BTCUSD exchange starts with the two letters “Bi”?

If you answered “Bitfinex” this month you are not correct. @Bitx2014 has taken the XBT world by storm and secured top position in the last 30 days for all XBTUSD traded. They weighed in with 45.76% and 1.82 million BTC traded. That’s a lot of bitcoin.

Bitcoin market report
Data courtesy

@Bitfinex is second with only 15.23% of $BTCUSD marketshare. However they’re probably happy about adding ether $ETHUSD and $ETHBTC – which could change everything.

$BTCUSD 30 days
Bitcoin market report
Data courtesy

Good thing about block size issue
As @PanteraCapital point out in their March email newsletter “The Bitcoin scalability issue has been a nice problem to have. Put simply, there’s too much interest in bitcoin.” They observed how “When bitcoin was up 83x year-on-year in late 2013, bitcoin price was clearly ahead of fundamental indicators. Now, bitcoin price is trending upwards in tandem with actual Bitcoin network usage.”

Concise insightful research
@PanteraCapital consistently offer concise insightful research in their informational releases. Take a look here and perhaps subscribe so you won’t miss their next publication:

Bitcoin market report
Image courtesy @twitter & @PanteraCapital

How could 29 retweets and 33 likes be wrong?

@BraveNewCoin is sporting a new website and refreshed data presentation layout:

Bitcoin market report
Image courtesy @BraveNewCoin

They have updated their bitcoin indexing to the new BLX; take a look:

Freebie bitcoin resources
Mobile users can enjoy a refreshed KittyBitcoin website with a simple interface which includes a bitcoin key intelligence section offering concise market summary information at a glance:

Bitcoin market report
Image courtesy @KittyBitcoin

Bitcoin key intelligence
Bitcoin market report
Image courtesy @KittyBitcoin

24 hours of Bitcoin
One of the challenges of bitcoin is to obtain pertinent market change information when the blockchain is always open for business. The 24 hours of Bitcoin data tool gets frequent social media favs – because bitcoin doesn’t stop, but this tool does! It supplies 24 hour summary information whenever you need it. Check it out at The data source is industry reliable @BraveNewCoin:

Bitcoin market report
Data courtesy @KittyBitcoin

Ether last price
What discussion of bitcoin would be complete without the ether last price?

Bitcoin market report
Data courtesy @KittyBitcoin

Bitcoin is up .060% on the day, 4.41% on the month, and 31.43% on the year. Bit-x is tops in $BTCUSD 30 day marketshare. Volatility is at an all-time low.

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