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Leverage Krypton coin, smart contracts & DAPPS
@KittyBitcoin recently connected with @Covertress – also known as the ‘Princess of Crypto’- who hails from Florida USA. Born in Hollywood, California, she is launching a new Ethereum-based coin of her own: Krypton, symbol $KR. It’s much more than a coin, it’s a system businesses can leverage to take advantage of trustless Ethereum-based smart contracts. Here are her thoughts:

Q. What are the benefits of your new Krypton coin?
Krypton (ticker $KR) is based on Ethereum, so it’s chain is capable of handling Smart Contracts and DApps (de-centralized applications.)

Q. What sets Krypton apart from others?
Other ETH-based coins ($RADS, $SOIL, etc) are already associated with applications. $KR is unlicensed and ready to be deployed in an existing business or project looking to benefit from using Smart Contracts in their applications.

Q. Please describe the compelling reasons why our readers may be interested in Krypton?
Krypton is a way to enter the emerging market of Smart Contracts and Dapps, with a much smaller and more-accessible development team than Ethereum. Krypton is me, covertress, RagingBull (blockchain admin), Krypton_dev (lead developer) and several other support staff I call ‘Spec Apps’, who write applications and do graphics design. We are small but agile, and ready to code custom Dapps in Krypton.

Q. What is the best way for interested readers to participate in Krypton?
Krypton’s token, $KR, is available for sale, directly from our website. Krypton can be solo mined or mined at Suprnova’s KR mining pool. Krypton also trades on Yobit Exchange. Other exchanges are coming online after the Krypton CFC ends.

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Q. How many coins are in your crowdfunding campaign (CFC) ?
10 million KR will be offered as a swap/CFC.

Q. Some of your coin expertise leverages your extensive involvement in GAIAcoin. It is our understanding you have a special offer for those GAIAcoin owners?
Yes, as part of a special offer to owners of GAIAcoin, Krypton can be swapped at 8:1 (8 $GAIA for 1 $KR) through the end of the Krypton CFC. See the CFC schedule for details.

Krypton QT wallets for Windows & Mac
The Krypton team has developed QT wallets for Windows and Mac platforms:

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An exchange based wallet is also available on
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Crowdfunding pricing
The crowdfunding campaign (CFC) sees attractive ICO (initial coin offer) pricing at CFC rates substantially below current exchange traded prices. website crowdfunding campaign schedule is listed here:

Q. What are your near-term plans for getting the word out?
I will personally be taking Krypton to Bitcoin conferences to meet such businesses and to license Krypton for use. The first conference I plan to attend is Consenses 2016, in NYC onMay 2-4. Krypton needs no further development. It is ready to be licensed now.

Ethereum-based Krypton coin, smart contracts & DAPPS:

twitter: @covertress

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