Hypr, BitGo Partner for Biometric Tokenization of the Blockchain


Biometric security firm Hypr has partnered with BitGo to deliver biometric security for digital assets, cryptocurrency, and decentralized identities.

The partnership will deliver biometric tokenization to a variety of use cases involving the Bitcoin blockchain.

BitGo reports securing $1 billion in digital assets monthly with approximately 10,000 transactions daily. Partnering with BitGo allows Hypr to bring enhanced usability and security to enterprises’ blockchain-based use cases.

Some key product opportunities for both teams include blockchain-based decentralized identity, streamlined user experience through Hypr-secure biometric login, integration of BitGo’s multi-signature platform for Hypr customers, and implementation of Fast Identity Online (FIDO) authentication for blockchain security

According to Hypr, the partnership also accelerates adoption of FIDO security standards in the bitcoin space, signifying a major push by the digital currency giant towards the emerging standards-based specifications.