Coinbase Permits US Customers to Buy Bitcoin with Debit Cards


Coinbase announced today the launch of a beta service allowing one percent of its U.S. customers to buy bitcoins with their debit cards.

We’re very excited to make bitcoin purchases faster and easier. Today we’re launching a new Coinbase product (in beta) to users in the United States: Buy bitcoin instantly with debit cards. Since there are over 5.2B debit cards in circulation, we’re confident this capability will make it significantly easier both for new users to get their first bitcoin, and for existing users to get bitcoin quickly.

Although it is starting the service with select customers, Coinbase plans to roll it out gradually to 100 percent of them over the coming months. Users with this feature enabled can add a debit card by going to the payment methods page on, or through the payment method option under settings in our iOS and Android apps. Once a debit card has been added, users can then go to the buy page, and buy bitcoin.

For its European customers, Coinbase already offers the ability to buy bitcoin with debit/credit cards.

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