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Wall Street Vet on How Banks Will Make Cost Savings, Profits from Blockchain

Partner site Chain-Finance chatted with George Samman (Twitter: @sammantic) about banking with the blockchain. George is the former CMO of Fuzo which is using blockchain to bring financial inclusion to the developing world. He is also Committee Chair of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA) for blockchain and financial services. George also co-founded, now magnr, a bitcoin trading platform. He is also a former Wall Street senior portfolio manager and market strategist as well as a technical analyst. George holds the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation. George writes an excellent blog at george-samman

Can you give us a history of how you came to discover blockchain technology and where you are today?

I came into the space in 2013 when I was the co-founder of (now magnr) an online trading platform and bank, I left that role to explore technologies more dedicated to the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. I have worked and consulted for a few companies in the space and I am an advisor for a few others as well. I also write my blog at and do some freelance writing. I also open to exploring new opportunities.



Journalist, policy analyst, and evangelist of new, disruptive technologies including big data analytics, Internet of Things, and cryptocurrencies. Internet industry veteran with regional c-suite experience, and journalist credentials earned at, Internet World magazine, and Mecklermedia Corporation.
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