E-Coin Rebrands as Wirex, Launches “Bankless Banking Services”

Bitcoin debit card company E-Coin announced today that it was rebranding as Wirex and launching what it calls “bankless banking services” that bring the benefits of blockchain technology into everyday finances.

Wirex will begin offering three main services in March 2016, mobile banking via Wirex app, instant remittance services, and “upgraded” two-way debit cards that permit on-demand conversion between bitcoin and traditional currencies. The services are available to customers in more than 130 countries.

The company decided to expand its products beyond bitcoin debit cards, apparently reaching 100,000 users in one year, as it believes there is huge demand for financial services utilizing the blockchain technology.

Dmitry Lazarichev, co-founder of Wirex, commented:

“Due to our expertise in the field, our team was able to offer additional services to both Bitcoin and non-Bitcoin community, so we decided to rebrand E-Coin into Wirex. Wirex is much more than a bitcoin card. We felt the name reflects what we want it to be.”

According to Lazarichev, current E-Coin customers can continue to spend bitcoins using virtual and physical debit cards without problems. Once completely integrated into Wirex, E-Coin users will have access to the additional services from Wirex, such as using Wirex app and the ability to buy and sell bitcoinss.

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