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Lisk Starts Coin Sale for Platform Enabling JavaScript Developers to Deploy Blockchains

A new cryptocurrency platform, called Lisk, launched its initial coin offering on Monday that will run until March 21st.

The Lisk team promises a platform for decentralized applications (DApp) that can be built from the ground up in pure Javascript and take advantage of “powerful APIs.” In addition, all DApps can run in their own sidechain to ensure that Lisk itself is safe.

Lisk was founded by CEO Max Kordek and CTO Olivier Beddows. Kordek is an electrical engineering student, and the former CEO for the Nxt Organization. Beddows has 15 years of experience in developing web-based e-commerce applications. The pair first worked together on the Crypti project, an MIT-licensed decentralized application platform.

Through a partnership with ShapeShift, participants in the ICO can buy into the platform with other cryptocurrencies, such as Ether, Dash and Litecoin. chatted with Kordek about the ICO and the Lisk platform.

ACN: Lisk is based on the Crypti protocol. Is it a clone or what kind of cryptocurrency protocol is Crypti? What is the algorithm?

Lisk is based on the Crypti source code, but we already implemented numerous fixes and new features. Even through you can say it’s a “fork” it’s more an evolution, the Crypti development stopped and we plan to continue it now with Lisk. Olivier and I are both former Crypti foundation members and we feel very confident to lift Lisk to the next level.

ACN: Your team has claimed that it is an “Ethereum Alternative”. Do you really think it is competitive with Ethereum?

Yes, we really think so. Even more we think that Lisk can overtake Ethereum in some areas. We bring a fresh air into the whole decentralized application and custom blockchain market with our optimized user experience. Lisk is so much easier to understand and use than Ethereum.

JavaScript developers can immediate jump in and begin to develop a Lisk DApp within hours. After they add it to our DApp Store they also have a direct distribution option and can begin to monetize it.

Users simply need to create a passphrase, sign in and head straight to the DApp Store to get access to all the DApps the developers will program.

ACN: What is the scalability of Lisk? What transaction volume can it handle?

We haven’t completely tested yet how much transactions Lisk can handle. We are using DPoS as the consensus algorithm and according to BitShares it can handle quite a lot of transactions. We will completely test and optimize the transaction load once we launched. However, our first tests showed that we perform very well on a par with other crypto-currencies.

If we are talking about decentralized applications scalability than Lisk is in a much better spot than Ethereum. Every Lisk dapp is running in its own sidechain which keeps the Lisk main blockchain very lean and efficient. This way we can support thousands of dapps easily.

ACN: How do you think Lisk will perform in its initial coin offering?

I think Lisk will perform excellent long-term. I’m confident that we will see Lisk at least at a top 20 position in the future. About the ICO I can’t give an accurate answer. I’m sure we will see a huge interest.

Kordek indicates that Lisk will permit JavaScript developers to deploy their own fully customizable blockchain for decentralized applications, including decentralized exchanges, prediction markets, social networks, games and Internet of Things apps.

In regard to IoT apps, Kordek commented:

Lisk is running perfectly fine on the Raspberry Pi, C.H.I.P. or a VPS with 64MB memory. Personally I’m very interested into the IoT capabilities and will strongly push Lisk into this direction. For example I am developing an IoT dapp for Lisk right now. (GitHub:


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