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Bitseed Founder Says Blockchain Could Secure IoT Devices Against Hackers, MITM Attacks

In the latest interview conducted by the team at Chain of Things, a research lab for blockchain-secured Internet of Things systems, Bitseed founder Mike Doty discusses how blockchain technology could secure IoT devices against hackers and eliminates the reliance on trusted third parties.

Before 21 Bitcoin Computer came to market in fall of 2015, Bitseed was the pioneer in plug-and-play Bitcoin full node devices, which are built in collaboration with a community of open source contributors.

Chain of Things: Why do you think blockchain may assist in securing IOT devices?

IoT devices may be secured against hackers and man-in-the-middle attacks by storing their identifiers with corresponding public keys on a blockchain using a system like DNSChain, This eliminates the reliance on trusted third parties like certificate authorities and domain registries.

The owner of a device would generate a new key pair for the device, give it an identifying device ID, and enter the public key, device ID, and his blockchain address or name into the DNS certificate blockchain.

Since most IoT devices will not have adequate storage and memory to maintain a copy of a public blockchain, they will need to connect to a trusted server to access the blockchain with a secure thin client. At Bitseed, we produce an ARM based server which can be used in this manner for a Bitcoin based IoT authentication and secure bulk data storage system owned and controlled by the user.


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