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Sony Uses Blockchain Tech for Open Sharing of Academic Proficiency, Progress Records

Sony Global Education says that it has adapted blockchain technology to the educational field, enabling open and secure sharing of academic proficiency and progress records.

Sony’s education unit reports that it is applying blockchain to the educational field, leveraging blockchain’s secure properties to realize encrypted transmission of data – such as an individual’s academic proficiency records and measures of progress – between two specified parties.

Sony made the following statement:

[Blockchain] technology has the potential to realize an entirely new infrastructure system for sharing records securely over the network in any number of ways, opening new doors of possibility for academic records and how they are assessed. For example, after taking an examination to demonstrate his or her academic proficiency level, an individual could direct the testing organization to share the test results with one or more third-party evaluating organizations. This would be a first if implemented on a system-wide basis.

Sony believes that open and secure handling of academic data will become possible through the adoption of application programs that leverage its new blockchain technology, leading to the emergence of new educational services in the future. With this infrastructure in place, each evaluating organization sent an individual’s testing records could assess those results and calculate a score in a way that fits its own methods. Additionally, the creation of an open yet secure infrastructure has the potential to draw many educational institutions to the network, resulting in high credibility in test administration.

The educational subsidiary of Sony views blockchain as “a core technology ” for achieving its mission “to provide a range of unifying, non-traditional services that inspire a passion for learning across the world and that offer the opportunity to act on this passion, and to create a new educational infrastructure for a connected society.”

Sony Global Education will first practically use blockchain-based technology in the application and testing programs for its Global Math Challenge, worldwide competition that tests participants’ arithmetic and creative thinking skills. The competition has attracted over 150,000 participants in over 80 countries around the world, and it calculates test takers’ scores based on not only their correct and incorrect responses, but also their overall test taking performance, including the time taken to answer questions. The applications and testing data will be stamped on the blockchain.

Recently, another Sony subsidiary, Sony Entertainment partnered with Hong Kong-based innovation matchmaking firm Matchi to launch its FinTech Innovation Challenge for a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) project within the multinational conglomerate.

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