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MyBitDeposit Offers Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash Deposits with “High Interest”

Bulgaria-based cryptocurrency platform MyBitDeposit is offering Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash deposits that earn interest, and with no fees for opening, maintaining or closing a deposit account.

Customers may select from two deposit options “MyBitDeposit in Advance” and “MyBitDeposit Term Deposit”, with BTC, LTC and DASH acceptable.

The team behind the startup says it has developed a Bitcoin investment strategy that provides high possible returns, enabling the company to support high interest rates up to 24.00% P.A.

MyBitcoinDeposit Founder Aleksandar Altanbashev explains,

“We have a team from professional traders. They have developed an investment strategy and earn interest through trading on existing exchanges. We also have created a money buffer with already attracted funding from private investors – $100,000. This measure provides our clients with protection from any future losses.”

According to the company, depositors will received interest payable at the beginning of the period, a “High Interest rate” fixed for the whole period,  no charges for opening, maintaining, and closing the deposit account, and 24/7 customer services support.

Investors that choose to open ‘MyBitDeposit term deposit’ will receive the same benefits with the difference that the client enters into an agreement with MyBitDeposit; according to which, upon the expiration of the term that is fixed under the agreement, MyBitdeposit owes the client interest according to the amount deposited.

Registered in the US State of Delaware,, MyBitDeposit was founded by former test engineer and technical support analyst Aleksandar Altanbashev and former technical support engineer Miroslav Angelov.

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