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Blockchain Tech Can Address Need for Transparency, Distributed Consensus in IoT


Chain of Things, the blockchain technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) initiative, posted another interesting chat on their corporate blog. This time it was with Filipe Farinha from the University of Saint Joseph, Macau.

Farinha has written a masters thesis addressing the privacy issues that arise from the combination of IoT with Big Data. It proposes a consumer device as the building block of a decentralised big data ecosystem, that aims to satisfy both the commercial needs of enterprises and the privacy of consumers.

Farinha was part of a team that won the Hackcoin hackathon in Hong Kong last year with a concept that was adapted from his Master’s thesis.

The software developer believes that, in addition to security, there is a need for transparency and distributed consensus in IoT that can be addressed by blockchain technology.


Journalist, policy analyst, and evangelist of new, disruptive technologies including big data analytics, Internet of Things, and cryptocurrencies. Internet industry veteran with regional c-suite experience, and journalist credentials earned at, Internet World magazine, and Mecklermedia Corporation.
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