OpenLedger Offers “Any User” Ability to Launch Digital Token

Positioning itself as a decentralized exchange, OpenLedger is offering the option for users to have assets by creating simple IOUs or deploy their own “graphene-powered” blockchain.

The exchange offers a fiat gateway with USD, EUR and CNY as a bridge to numerous alternative ryptocurrencies such as DOGE, DASH, Peercoin, Litecoin, NuBits, NuShares, BlockShares and Emercoin and coming up Ethereum, Factom and more.

Ronny Boesing, from Denmark’s CCEDK, notes:

The most convenient way to create a cryptocurrency is by simply creating, selling and trading a so called User Issued Asset (UIA). All users need to do is click a few buttons, define their preferred parameters for the coin, such as supply, precision, symbol, description and see their coin’s birth after only a few seconds. From that point on, they can issue some of their coins to whomever they want, sell them and see them instantly traded against any other existing coin on OpenLedger.

On OpenLedger, a user can apparently create a Market Pegged Asset (MPA) and let the market deal with demand and supply. As the issuer of a MPA has no control over the supply, the blockchain protocol deals with increasing and decreasing supply. In order for a user to get some of the new coins, he will need to put collateral into a smart contract.

According to Boesing, any user of OpenLedger can deploy their own real-time blockchain and can integrate it with OpenLedger’s infrastructure on their own blockchain. Running their own possibly private blockchain permits users to tune every single parameter to their requirements.

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