Bitcoin Marketshare Analysis: February 2016 “The Rise of”

[Vancouver Island, February 1, 2016]  @KittyBitcoin paws at the bitcoin market intelligence monthly “wool ball” with an emphasis on XBT exchange marketshare. Estimated read less than 5 minutes. Who did what – and how did it unravel?

The Rise of

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London, United Kingdom based forex firm XBIT Ltd. is making big inroads in the bitcoin marketplace. is now number six (6) world top bitcoin exchange by volume traded in January 2016. @bitx2014 doubled @Coinbase. Twice as much volume as @bitstamp. In $XBTUSD they are number three (3) after @Bitfinex and @OkCoinBTC. That’s good company. In $XBTEUR bit-x has over 34% marketshare for second overall position in BTCEUR. In $XBTGBP? 82%. Even @Krakenfx doesn’t do eighty-two percent in any large market. @Bitx2014 has moved up 4 positions from the previous month on all BTC traded worldwide – is now competing with @Bitfinex – and is Rocking with a capital R:

For those interested in corporate jurisdictional distribution bit-x’s website states “Site operated by BIT-X LLP, financial services provided by XBIT LTD (Belize), XBIT LP (Sweden) and XBIT K/S (Denmark)”. If the tree is planted well it may grow well.

BraveNewCoin price & volume
@BraveNewCoin’s market averages chart is a weighted average for all BTC exchanges. The popular chart for January 2016 is below:

BTC Price / Market Averages: one month

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January market average price high low open close
January high $460.06 low $360.08 monthly change $99.98
January open $431.15 close $379.17 (close calculated at data capture ~ 13:00 hours Jan 31)

Previous month
December high $471.57 low $377.72 monthly change $93.85
December open $377.72 close $432.67

The monthly volatility range $99.98 is slightly higher in January but close to December’s $93.85.

All currency pairs by exchange volume – January 2016

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All Currencies by Marketshare – January 2016


The top four positions in total BTC traded worldwide are unchanged: @huobicom tops the monthly list for the second month in a row. @OKCoinBTC has lost only a nominal amount more marketshare, stabilizing their precipitous drop from December. @YourBTCC has seen their position eroded but maintained the same overall position, as has @Bitfinex. @LakeBTC has dropped a notch on the monthly chart.

@gatecoin has risen to number eight overall, a commendable performance for January 2016 for a brand new Hong Kong based firm. Thinking of incorporating in a bitcoin friendly jurisdiction? Consider Hong Kong special administrative region – @gatecoin is taking off.

@bitstamp and @coinbase fall to the bottom of the top ten pack on total world BTC marketshare.

@btcecom has been unceremoniously dumped from the January top bitcoin exchange list. Perhaps notably their pricing formula has also apparently changed. Previously one could count on @Btcecom having the low ball $XBTUSD price at almost any time. This is how it looks in $BTCUSD at the time of writing: highest price

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Previous month: all currencies

Previous months - all currencies
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¥XBTCNY January 2016
The largest bitcoin market is ¥XBTCNY shown below. There is no positional change from last month:


$XBTUSD January 2016


$XBTUSD December 2015

$XBTEUR January 2016

$XBTEUR January 2016
@bitx2014 @gatecoin and @coinbase are making substantial new gains in this smaller marketplace:


$XBTGBP January 2016
@krakenfx and @coinbase bottom out this list – but with the size of these BTC exchange giants – and the ripeness of this market – one could reasonably expect @bitx2014 could see their total dominance in $XBT Great Britain Pounds challenged soon:

Highest trading volume in month

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Previous month

Data courtesy @bravenewcoin

The highest trading volume of the month was on Wednesday January 13 2016 with a 24 hour volume of $USD 339,550,715 million dollars of bitcoin. The previous month mark was Saturday December 12 2015 with a 24 hour volume of $USD 417,990 million dollars of bitcoin.

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