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Microsoft Azure Adds MultiChain, Netki to Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

Microsoft recently revealed the addition of two new partners, MultiChain and Netki, to its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) on Azure.

MultiChain, a solution developed by UK-based Coin Solutions Limited, enables organizations to rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers. The platform is so ready-to-use in can enable creation of private blockchains in minutes. These private blockchains apparently overcome bitcoin characteristics considered obstacles to institutional financial sector, namely issues of privacy and control. Azure is already hosting Coin Solutions’ MultiChain on Ubuntu documentation.

The other new addition to Azure’s BaaS is Netki, which is well known for providing a personalized naming service for digital currency wallets.  Netki also designs enterprise-grade solutions promoting scalability, security and ease of use for Blockchain-based products. The company’s Wallet Name Service (WNS) is an open standard that facilitates sending digital currency between users or services. WNS is apparently useful to have on Azure as it permits service providers to easily register wallet names on their client’s behalf.

Some of Azure’s existing BaaS partners already have released updates or deployments on the cloud service.

The team behind Emercoin, a cryptocurrency with a hybrid proof-of-stake and proof-of-work protocol, now has its proprietary blockchain on Azure. The Emercoin blockchain provides solutions for network security, e-commerce, advertising, business contacts, ownership and identity management.

Eris Industries provides a blockchain platform capable of running clients for public blockchains or permissioned blockchains as long as they are open sourced. The Eris Platform Node is designed to simplify organizations deployment of permissionable, smart contract capable blockchains, and can integrate multiple blockchains, distributed file storage, and other distributed systems.

CoinPrism now deploys the newest version of OpenChain, a blockchain technology stack for organizations wishing to issue and manage digital assets in a robust, secure and scalable way. The new release also supports high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity through a new Microsoft SQL Server storage backend.

With its open source Bitcore platform, bitcoin payment service provider BitPay offers a full bitcoin node that’s 100% compatible with the Bitcoin core code base and comprehensive Node.js language libraries for extension of the core bitcoin functionality. This includes a complete set of bitcoin utilities for CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Linux.

Blockchain technologies on Microsoft Azure are apparently becoming easier to develop and demonstrate, according to Marley Gray, Microsoft Azure’s Director of Technology Strategy US Financial Services.

Blockchain technologies will become even easier to build and test using Azure’s DevTest Labs currently in preview. All Blockchain-related services and partners can now be setup in a lab environment and added as artifacts to the lab as you create it. This exciting development allows for partners and customers to decouple the Blockchain technology from the VM itself and apply these technologies more discretely.

It appears that Microsoft is actively pushing to attract customers to Azure who want develop, test and deploy distributed ledger applications in cloud, hybrid and local environments. The list of blockchain technology partners that have solutions on Azure include BitPay, CoinPrism, ConsenSys, Emercoin, Eris Industries, Factom, LibraTax, Manifold Technology, Multichan (Coin Solutions), Netki, and Ripple.

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