Bitpay Makes Open Source Bitcoin Full Node Available on Microsoft Azure

Earlier in January, Microsoft revealed the addition of Bitpay as a new partner in the blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform on cloud service Azure. The payment service provider’s open source Bitcoin full node and development platform Bitcore is now available for Azure users.

Bitpay’ senior software engineer, Chris Kleeschulte, stated:

We built Bitcore to lower the barrier to entry to Bitcoin development. Whether you want to help build Bitcoin’s peer to peer network or build better Bitcoin infrastructure for your company, running a full node is the best way to get started. Running Bitcore on the Azure cloud will make hosting a node even easier by getting rid of the need for local, dedicated machines.

Bitcore provides a full set of Node.js language libraries for extending Bitcoin’s functionality and a native set of utilities that permit testing of Bitcoin services without relying on third party APIs for querying the blockchain. Along with Bitcore’s full node, this reduces the requirement for trust and removes single points of failure for companies running Bitcoin services.

According to Bitpay, Bitcore node’s direct access to the blockchain via its native bindings to Bitcoind makes Bitcore-based services twenty times faster than those using JSON-RPC.

Kleeschulte added:

We’ve already implemented Bitcore as the backend for our own bitcoin wallet Copay. Users can choose to connect directly to private Bitcoin nodes using our Bitcore Wallet Service, which includes a command line client made for business users.

Bitcore’s service architecture also enables new types of applications for the bitcoin blockchain, from issuing digital assets to proving ownership of digital files.

Azure customers can start building Bitcoin infrastructure by running a bitcoin full node from the Azure quick start page ffor Bitcore.


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