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Precious Investments Inc. Expands Purchasing Options for Coloured Diamonds

Precious Investments Inc. has announced that it is expanding the range of options available for purchasing PinkCoin tokens by adding the ability to use BitGems Asset Management Ltd. (BVI) directly from its website. In addition, the PinkCoin cryptocurrency ticker symbol has been changed to PNIK to match the stocks OTC ticker symbol. This follows the news from last week that BitGems Asset Management Ltd., PNIK’s wholly owned subsidiary, successfully launched the crowdsale of 5 Million PinkCoins at US$1 per coin backed by a portfolio of US$5 Million of coloured diamonds.

PinkCoin, the asset-backed cryptocurrency built on Ethereum’s standard currency Smart Contract, remains available at Coinsquare, under the ticker symbol PNIK and can be bought in exchange for all other’s currencies supported by Coinsquare, namely bitcoin, ether, gold, silver, Canadian Dollars and U.S. Dollars.

CEO of Precious Investments, Inc., Natalya Hearn said: “We are pleased to announce that PinkCoins can now be purchased directly from our wholly owned subsidiary BitGems Asset Management Ltd. as well as at the digital currency exchange, under the ticker symbol PNIK. I am very pleased by the acceptance we are getting in the market place with PinkCoin.”

Kashif Khan, Precious Investments, Inc.’s COO, stated: “By the beginning of the 2nd quarter we should be in a position to accept the following additional fiat currencies in exchange for PinkCoins: Russian Ruble, Ukraine Hryvnia, Brazil Real, Argentine Peso and Chinese Yuan.”




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