Genesis Mining “Goes After” JP Morgan CEO in Miami Billboard Campaign

Last week, Genesis Mining launched a mobile billboard campaign across Miami critical of J.P. Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, for his negative comments about bitcoin. The company ran a similar campaign making fun of Western Union last year.

Genesis Mining CEO, Marco Streng, told AllCoinsNews in an email:

We’ve just launched a mobile billboard campaign across Miami that will be active throughout the conference.

This campaign goes after JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon who continues to make negative comments in the media about Bitcoin’s potential.

This is part of an on-going Bitcoin advocacy campaign we call #ExploreBitcoin. Our previous billboard campaign mocking Western Union was a big hit.

As an industry, we need to practice “Guerrilla warfare” and our goal here is to get Bitcoin in front of as many new people while also motivating others in the industry to launch awareness campaigns.

According to Genesis, the large banks are behind the innovation curve and are only just now beginning to realize it. In the company’s corporate blog, Streng states:

Many have adopted an antagonist response to the disruptors in their industry, but it’s already too late. Because what they don’t realize is they can’t stop innovation. You just can’t stop hundreds of millions of consumers who are fed up with an archaic monetary system that is controlled by a handful of wealthy Wall Streeters.


The billboard ad refers to a comment that Dimon made during a recent event, noting that Bitcoin developers are…

coming to eat our lunch. And that’s fine. That’s called competition, and we’ll be competing

Be ready to compete against hundreds of thousands of hungry young entrepreneurs ready to solve the problems you’ve left untouched for decades. As a kind reminder, we’ve taken out billboards throughout Miami with a message for bankers like Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin is coming to eat your lunch.

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