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Block Chain Conference Program Announced

Next month sees the Block Chain Conference take place in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Centre on February 10th. During the day, the conference aims to showcase blockchain use cases for industries such as securities, banking, payments, insurance, legal, accounting/audit, and energy and healthcare. In addition, it will highlight approaches to identity, content ownership/digital rights management and supply chain processing.

Further to the news last month that IBM will be giving the keynote presentation, it has now been announced that additional program contributions will come from: Alphapoint, Ascribe, BlockApps, Blockchain Capital, Blockchain Clearing Corp., Celent, ConsenSys, Factom, Gem, Global Tax Accountants, HitFin, MultiChain, Needham & Company,, SAP, SmartContract, Symbiont, t0, Tendermint, The Bancorp, Wedbush Securities, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, and World Economic Forum. Sponsors contributing to the program include Gem, Symbiont and Tendermint.

Conference Chair, Peter Harris said: “A key mission of The Block Chain Conference is to educate business innovators and technology architects from companies deploying enterprise IT on the potential benefits and challenges of leveraging blockchains, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, with lots of reality and zero hype,”

Revealed presentations for the conference program include the following:

Avoiding The Pointless Block Chain Project – a short video from blockchain pioneer Gideon Greenspan, Founder & CEO of Coin Sciences, on why distributed ledgers are NOT the answer to every problem.

Six Valued Features and Five Disruptive Implications of Block Chain Technology – an exploration of how blockchain technology is enabling the Internet of Value and why nearly every enterprise needs a “blockchain strategy,” Presented by Needham & Company’s Spencer Bogart, author of ‘The Blockchain Report: Welcome to the Internet of Value.”

The Evolution of Trust – the story of why set up a blockchain technology unit, and what it will be doing. This presentation will cover the emergence of crypto technologies for financial processes, using the example of’s t0 crypto-finance unit to demonstrate how to make the transition. Presented by: Alec Wilkins, Chief Architect of and CTO of

An Ownership Layer for the Internet – managing and tracking digital IP for content creators and media companies. This presentation will explore how blockchain technology can help manage, track and even monetize digital IP for content creators and media companies. Presented by: Bruce Pon, Founder & CEO, Ascribe.

Why Most Fortune 500 Companies Will Use Block Chains – a look at how open source blockchains might one day replace a ubiquitous proprietary transaction processing system, highlighting technology from Tendermint. Presented by: Jae Kwon, Founder & CEO, Tendermint; Dustin Byington, Co-Founder & President, Tendermint; and Ethan Buchman, Co-Founder & Blockchain Engineer.

Smart Contracts for Delivery vs. Payment (DVP) – a plan to move to T+0 settlement of U.S. equities. This talk will explore the three different technical mechanisms in use in the blockchain space to enable DVP settlement of trades, including leveraging Ripple’s technology. Presented by Ryan Singer, Founder & CEO, Blockchain Clearing Corp.

Re-Inventing Wall Street on the Block Chain – exploring financial markets use cases for blockchains, including stock issuance and processing using Symbiont’s platform. Participants include: Brad Bailey, Research Director, Capital Markets, Celent; Jesse McWaters, Project Lead – Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services, World Economic Forum; Ron Quaranta, Chairman, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance; Patrick Salami, Founder & CTO, HitFin; Mark Smith, Founder & CEO, Symbiont.

Running Ethereum Financial Apps on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud – a real-life use case of the marriage of blockchain and smart contract functionality with cloud computing. Presented by James Slazas, CFO, Enterprise Capital Markets, ConsenSys.

How Block Chain Technology is Disrupting Global Payments – a review of blockchain and bitcoin’s place in corporate and personal payment services. Panelists include: Gil Luria, Managing Director, Research, Wedbush Securities; Olaf Carlson-Wee, Head of Risk, Coinbase; Cheryl Gurz, SVP, Retail Operations, The Bancorp; and Chris Larsen, Co-Founder & CEO, Ripple.

Banking on the Block Chain – how blockchain approaches can be applied to securities lending, identity of clients and making trade finance for supply chains more efficient. Presented by John Bertrand, Industry Value Engineer – Banking, SAP.

Presentation: Triple-Entry Accounting – Reducing Financial Fraud Using Block Chains – an explanation of triple-entry accounting for tamper-proof financial reporting and auditing. Presented by Daniel Winters, President, Global Tax Accountants.

How Smart Contracts Enable Trustless Business – an overview of smart contracts and how they might be applied to business opportunities across several industries. Presented by Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder & CEO, SmartContract.

Ethereum Overview and Applications – a high level introduction to the popular alternative public blockchain, highlighting applications built with it for accounting, music rights management and the usage monitoring and trading of electricity. Presented by Kieren James-Lubin, Founder & Chief Data Scientist, BlockApps.

Identity Management for Block Chain Applications – a discussion of the issues involved in customer identity, drawing on the experiences of blockchain platform vendor Gem. Presented by Micah Winkelspecht, Founder & CEO, Gem.

Honesty is Subversive – How to Build Transparent and Accountable Business Systems with Block Chain Technology – Factom has tools to leverage the security of the blockchain, without the scalability limitations of bitcoin. See the three latest tools that could change data as we know it. Take away knowledge to influence your industry and learn what is in store for blockchain in 2016. Presented by Tiana Laurence, CMO, Factom.

Block Chain Deployment Pointers – providing practical tips of best practice approaches to developing and/or deploying blockchain technology as well as options that IT enterprises might consider as they look to deploy blockchain technology. Panelists include: Pete Rizzo, U.S. East Coast Editor, CoinDesk; Chris Finan, Co-Founder & CEO, Manifold Technology; P. Bart Stephens, Founder & Managing Partner, Blockchain Capital; Joe Ventura, Founder & CEO, Alphapoint.

The Block Chain Conference is being produced by Lighthouse Partners, a business and technology consulting firm advising on positioning of innovative enterprise technologies. Early bird registration for the conference is open at The previous early bird rate of $395 has finished and the cost of attending is now $495 in advance online, or $595 on the day.

Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.
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