UPDATE – E-Coin Issues Retraction After Phishing Warning


E-Coin retracted its claim that a site named is a phishing scam and apologized to the domain owner, Adam Guerbuez. It appears that site simply masks and redirects users to

E-Coin released this brief statement on its blog:

We Had Previously Issued A False Warning
Recently we had published a report that was a phishing website. We were wrong in our accusations and would like to apologize to Adam Guerbuez.


Guerbuez issued the following statement on Twitter:

Guerbuez, a Canadian, was apparently sued by Facebook for $873 million in 2010 for spamming 4 million Facebook users and accessing people’s accounts without their consent, according to a VICE report that Guerbuez has pinned to his Twitter page.


Bitcoin debit card company E-Coin has released a warning about phishing sites that mimic its website,

The London-based company released the following statement:

Recently there have been reports of phishing sites that are looking to scam E-Coin users. Be sure to check the domain address and the SSL. Below is an address of a phishing site to look like E-Coin. Please use caution and do not use this site. E-Coin has no affiliation with

The phishing sites look exactly like the E-Coin site but have a different web address. The firm provided an example of what it said was one of the sites,

e-coin phishing attack

The above site is very similar to the actual E-Coin site below:

e-coin actual site


Phishing attacks in the bitcoin industry have been on the rise. Targets of phishing attacks have included Coindesk, Blockchain, Local Bitcoins, Bitstamp, Bitpay, and users of the Electrum bitcoin wallet. Early in 2015, Bitstamp lost $5 million in a hot wallet attack that succeeded via a phishing attack on six of the European exchange’s employees. Bitcoin payment processing giant, BitPay, was scammed out of 5,000 bitcoins by a hacker who posed as BTC Media CEO David Bailey. Bitpay ended up suing its insurer for denial of its claim. Most recently, frequent phishing attacks were cited by Cryptsy, a multi altcoin exchange, as a factor in its demise.

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