Andresen Will Continue Supporting Bitcoin Core Alternatives, “XT”, “Classic” or “Unlimited”

Former lead maintainer for Bitcoin Core, Gavin Andresen says in his blog that he will continue to support alternatives to Bitcoin Core, whether it is Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin Classic or Bitcoin Unlimited.

Andresen notes that he continues to have the top three priorities that he had when was lead maintainer of Core.

1) Keep the system secure. 2) Keep the network reliably processing transactions. 3) Eliminate single points of failure.

However, Andresen has grown to look at the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole rather than just the Core software implementation. In terms of security, Andresen feels that the Bitcoin protocol is in good shape.

Bitcoin-the-protocol is doing really well security-wise; the responsibly-report-a-vulnerability-in-bitcoin mailing list has been quiet for many months. And seeing multi-signature “p2sh” adopted is very personally satisfying. I’m still active asking dumb questions to people smarter than me to try to avoid mistakes as the protocol evolves.

He is still concerned about reliability of the network in the short term, which is the reason he has been vocal on the block size limit issue and supports alternatives to Bitcoin Core. Nonetheless, he believes that “..everything will work out fine, no matter what happens with the block limit…”

It is noteworthy that he admitted, in a poking fun way, generating “a lot of controversy” and hurting “feelings” by encouraging other Bitcoin implementations. He implies that he has recently been supporting Bitcoin Classic, which is a plan to hard fork Bitcoin to a 2MB blocksize limit, a move that has consensus among miners in the Bitcoin network.

Andresen seems inclined to jump on the Bitcoin Unlimited project, which seeks to “provide a voice to all stakeholders in the Bitcoin ecosystem” and has produced a fork of the Bitcoin Core that does not limit the size of blocks.

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