Dash (Darkcoin)Wallets

New Version of Dash Electrum Wallet Supports Trezor

There is now a version of the popular digital wallet Electrum that supports the Dash cryptocurrency and can be integrated with the Trezor hardware wallet .

Originally developed by Thomas Voegtlin in 2011, Electrum is a lightweight, highly secure wallet that has long been popular in the bitcoin community.

Utilzing Simple Payment Verification (SPV), the new version, called Electrum-Dash, permits users to immediately get started with Dash by eliminating the need for downloading and syncing the entire blockchain. Electrum supports two-factor authentication, and is deterministic, thus never requiring backups . All of a user’s Dash addresses can also be recovered by using a single secret phrase.

The integration moves the Dash project closer to its goal of making the cryptocurrency and its network user friendly, according to the Dash team.

Electrum-Dash allows users to dispense with backups and blockchain downloads, and also enables Dash to be integrated with the Trezor hardware wallet.This provides an extra layer of security and convenience, and permits users to store their Dash tokens together with bitcoin on the same Trezor device.

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