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Japan’s Tech Bureau, Community Site OKWAVE Testing Mijin for IP Rights Management, User Authentication

Japanese FinTech firm, Tech Bureau, and OKWAVE, the developer of Japan’s first Q&A community web portal, have formed a business partnership to jointly test and develop the Mijin blockchain for intellectual property rights management and user authentication.

Mijin is a fork of the NEM blockchain that Tech Bureau began developing in September 2015 with some of the NEM core developers for use in private, permissioned blockchains.

Through the partnership, OKWAVE will utilize the “Japan’s only private blockchain technology” Mijin for Q&A systems and call center systems that the company provides enterprises.

They will examine the application of Mijin for “settlement of intellectual properties distribution, user authentication and support queue.”

OKWAVE plans to launch a service in 2016 for intellectual property management by using Mijin technology to manage, track and settle IP rights.

In addition to the online community, the Japanese Internet company also provides B2B solutions such as OKBIZ for FAQ, OKBIZ for Helpdesk Support and OKWAVE QA Partner. In October of 2010, OKWAVE launched an ‘international social Q&A’ service called ARIGATO.

The NEM team last week released a hard fork of its protocol that introduces domain names, called Namespaces, that are linked digital assets created on the blockchain.




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