New Blockchain Explorer Tool OXT Provides Innovative Data Analytics, Visualization

The developer of an intuitive bitcoin blockchain explorer, called OXT, announced its launch today. The tool is designed to provide better analytics and visualization of the bitcoin ledger.

The OXT developer is working on a “platform dedicated to the analysis of the bitcoin blockchain.” OXT, which is short for Other eXploration Tool, is just the first application to be built on the platform.

OXT provides a set of statistics & interactive visual tools facilitating the exploration of the blockchain including interactive charts for drilling down and filtering, as well as transactions graph visualization.

Here are some screen shots from the OXT tool:

Overall Blockchain Charts

Block Analysisoxt blocks

Address Analysis
oxt address
Oxt Graphalizer
oxt graphalizer

OXT also computes a set of privacy-oriented metrics, including address reuse, entropy of transactions, link probability between Unspent Transaction Output Sets (UXTOS) as well as temporal patterns of activity, and uses some heuristics that permit clustering addresses controlled by a same entity.

The developer indicates that project is in its initial stages stage, and “supports the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project in its mission to improve financial privacy within the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

In terms of resources, there are Youtube videos explaining how to explore the blockchain with OXT and how to explore the graph of transactions with OXT Graphalizer.

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