ChangeTip Adds GPS Proximity Payments with Bitcoin, USD

Micropayments play ChangeTip has added an ‘Explore’ option to its platform, which allows users to broadcast their location using GPS and find others nearby using the ChangeTip app.

Since money can be sent to an individual nearby, without exchanging contact information, users can use this function to tip drivers, servers, buskers, and event vendors.

Victoria van Eyk of ChangeTip said:

We’re living in an increasingly cashless society, and it’s the most obvious when I go to tip a busker, leave some change in a tip jar, or attempt to donate a person in need. The ChangeTip app allows me to solve this problem just by using my mobile phone.

Users can add money to a ChangeTip ‘Pocket’, which is similar to a digital wallet used to store funds. ChangeTip facilitates micropayments in decimals when using BTC, and as high as $100 when using either supported currency. Some organizations use ChangeTip to collect donations, distribute rewards, and monetize content.

The app supports iOS on iPhone and iPod touch, and is free in the App Store.

ChangeTip service is apparently not available in FATF non-cooperative o blacklisted countries.

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