XBT LivePrice Provides Unique Bitcoin Price Tickers from Major Exchanges in “Single” or “Multipaks”

Image_001Website owners can now add singular bitcoin price tickers from any bitcoin exchange in packages of single, five or ten plus exchanges.  The PHP scripts service, called XBT Live Price, is supplied by bitcoin market intelligence provider

XBT LivePrice, downloadable from, is distinct from other tickers because it displays prices of single bitcoin exchanges – not aggregated prices for several. Thus, webmasters can show a live price for their favorite exchange. Bitfinex, OKCoin, Bitstamp, BTCe, Coinbase, itBit, ANXBTC and others can be displayed individually.

Robin Staff, from Kittybitcoin, comments:

Previously the complex code and API key required by bitcoin exchanges technologically excluded non geek users. Many website owners do not know how to use a backend server programming language. Now that doesn’t matter. The software has been reduced to simple copy and paste. Installation is available.

Another advantage of XBT LivePrice is that more than one exchange price may be displayed, permitting website publishers to display several major prices in one glance.

There are three different versions of the XBT LivePrice software.

“For Webmasters” version, which comes in single, five and 10+ “paks”,  is implemented by copying and pasting the script. It shows the price each time the webpage is loaded. Introductory pricing starts at just $4.95 per bitcoin exchange. An Installation Guide is also available that includes “one click button based HELP diagnostic tools.”


The “For Traders” version shows a price continuously updated.  Just changing the name of the exchange and the currency pair a new live price is created. Online examples have copy and paste code.

The “For Traders” includes a configurable request timer, which may be executed to the millisecond. This includes most major bitcoin exchanges in an introductory package.

The “Enterprise” edition is similar the “For Traders” version, but it is also rate limited. An innovative timer and controller harness price requests. The price request
limit is fixed safely below bitcoin exchange rate limits. This product is more complex and installation is included.


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