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Microsoft Adds BitPay, Manifold, LibraTax, Emercoin to Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service Program

Microsoft has added four more partners to its Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) program, according to Marley Gray, Microsoft’s Director of Technology Strategy US Financial Services.

The four new partners include:

  • BitPay: a leader in bitcoin payments, providing bitcoin payment processing and local currency payouts to “over 65,000 businesses worldwide.”
  • Manifold Technology: Manifold’s Rewards application is built on the patent-pending Manifold Liquidity Platform (MLP). MLP is a private blockchain capable of “unprecedented” transaction speed and throughput.
  • LibraTax: LibraTax is the reporting, accounting, audit, and integration layer for blockchain technology and digital assets that is built for the future of digitized ownership and trading.
  • Emercoin: A digital currency and blockchain platform that focuses on innovative, scalable enterprise services.

The four companies join ConsenSysCoinPrism, Eris IndustriesFactom, and Ripple as partners in Microsft’s Azure BaaS program.

Marley also noted the new resources added to the Azure staging marketplace this week, a C++ Ethereum client and CryptoSwap demo from ConsenSys as well as an OpenChain implementation from CoinPrism.


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