Bitcoin Market Report – Dec 2015 Review – Huobi Overtakes OKCoin, New Investors Sustain Price

This monthly bitcoin market report summarizes major bitcoin exchange activity primarily by volume for a thirty-one day period commencing December 01 through to December 31 2015.

@YourBTCC gifts 100 free full bitcoin nodes

On Christmas Day 2015 the world’s third largest bitcoin exchange @YourBTCC graciously gifted one hundred (100) free full bitcoin nodes for the benefit of the bitcoin community. They also distributed the locations intelligently having done their homework on what geographical locations most needed the nodes. Hat’s off to @YourBTCC:

Image courtesy

The remaining question: who will match this generous gift?

BraveNewCoin price & volume

BraveNewCoin’s Bitcoin Price Index tracks market averages for all cryptocurrency markets and all data including altcoins. The data on their website is a weighted average for over 100 $BTC and altcoin exchanges and 30 fiat pairs. The popular chart for December 2015 is below:

XBT Price Index / Market Averages: one month

Chart courtesy @bravenewcoin

December price high low open close

December open $377.72 close $432.67
December high $471.57 low $377.72 monthly change $93.85

Overall the month of December was tamer than November. The previous month actually spiked higher and had about double the price swing:

November open $320.36 close ~$378.48
November high 492.17 low $307.05 monthly range $185.12

There are some suggestions in the marketplace that new investors have climbed onboard, raising the demand and price, while the typical ensuing bear market has as yet failed to materialize. To date we’ve only seen an easing of price – not a bottom dropout and price crash which we have previously seen so often it was almost an expected behavior. However $93 is still a good chunk of volatility on a December opening price of $377.72 – and the New Year will undoubtably have surprises.

All currency pairs by exchange volume – December 2015

Data courtesy

The most notable change is @Huobicom overtaking @OKCoinBTC for top place in all currencies traded worldwide. The difference is significant with reporting Huobi has more than 52% of total world bitcoin volume and OKCoin now second with 38% on the month.

You may also have noticed that the combined volume of @Huobicom and @OKCoinBTC is more than ninety percent ( 90% ) of all reported volume worldwide in December.

@YourBTCC weighs in with three million BTC traded, @bitfinex and @LakeBTC one million, and the remaining top trailing notables @coinbase, @bitstamp, @btcecom, @bitx2014 and others with a lot less.

¥XBTCNY December 2015

The largest bitcoin market is ¥XBTCNY shown below:


The result largely mirrors the all currencies graph. Chinese firms dominate.You might say that the currency pair determines which nationality or country factors largest in the volume – but it would not be true. If you look at the BTCEUR or BTCUSD markets these are not dominated by European or American based bitcoin exchanges, just the opposite. San Francisco based @Krakenfx has lions share of XBTEUR while XBTUSD marketshare is spread between British Virgin Islands, London, Singapore and elsewhere (using corporate registry location or admin HQ as determinant of location). There is no large American based bitcoin exchange although @coinbase is going to have something to say about that soon.

$XBTUSD December 2015

Data courtesy

With over 12% December marketshare of $XBTUSD @coinbase has slowly but surely edged higher as the year passed. Bit-x has climbed towards the middle of the pack, while @gatecoin makes its first appearance on the monthly top BTCUSD exchanges list.

Image courtesy @Twitter

Reports and a quick peek indicate @gatecoin has innovative crackerjack programmers – and a state of the art platform. Take a look:

Highest trading volume in month

Data courtesy @bravenewcoin

The highest trading volume of the month was on Saturday December 12 2015 with a 24 hour volume of $USD 417,990,706 million dollars of bitcoin. The previous month mark was Wednesday November 04 2015 with a 24 hour volume of $USD 505,246,378 million dollars of bitcoin.

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