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Decentralized Social Platform Synereo Plans Pre-Sale on BnktotheFuture

Synereo, the blockchain-based decentralized social platform, will soon launch a public offering on crowdfunding platform BnktotheFuture.

Dor Konforty, CEO and Architect of Synereo, commented in a Google Hangout session:

Very soon, we are going to open a private pitch page there. Meaning we will already be able to start getting investments before we actually go live. The nore we get before we go live, the higher the number is on day one, the more likely we are to draw further investments.

Konforty also hopes to raisevthe additional funds before Synereo goes live to fund development of the “docker container” that will facilitate the set up of network nodes by members of the network.

Konforty added:

Essentially whem we launch the application, if we don’t have this docker, it is going to be hard for people to set up nodes. They are going to have to rely on the few nodes that are already up or the nodes hosted on Amazon. And that doesn’t seem very decentralized.

Also in the Hangout session, Synereo CSO Greg Meredith discussed valuable insights that he gained on decentralized systems from the recent Blockchain Workshos in Sydney. Meredith highlighted Lawrence Lessig’s talk at the workshops titled “Thinking Through Law and Code” that examined how decentralized systems will affect the legal landscape, and that they should be flexible and designed with compassion in mind and allow for adjudication of their processes. In addition, Meredith attended a collaborative Hackathon, where his team won a $50,000 award for the winning idea.

In the hangout, Synereo is also working on creating its next new bounty-enabled role for its community, called the Ambassador. Ambassadors will be responsible for going out into established networks and becoming a liaison for various groups interested in Synereo.

The startup is developing a social network owned by the users and controlled by no one. Users connect directly to one another, via secure cryptographic channels that prevent governments and marketing agencies from eavesdropping without your consent. If they allow sponsored content into their stream, users are compensated in the network’s proprietary digital currency, AMP.

AMP listed on CoinMarketCap this month, with a market capitalization that has risen from USD 853,585 to USD 1,024,976 in two weeks.
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