NeuCoin Launches Facebook Game and Tipping Platform

Proof-of-stake cryptocurrency NeuCoin on Tuesday launched its artist tipping platform on Jango Internet Radio and the multiplayer Facebook game Solitaire Racer.

On Solitaire Racer, players earn NeuCoin (NEU) by completing decks, beating opponents and winning tournaments. By marketing to the tens of millions of players of other Solitaire games, NeuCoin says it expects to acquire at least 500,000 NeuCoin holders over 2016.

On Jango Internet Radio5, listeners can already be sponsored with NEU to tip 250,000 participating artists. The NeuCoin project that 500,000 Jango listeners will tip out a total of 50 million NEU to over 100,000 artists through 2016.

NeuCoin plans many more games and content partnerships for 2016, with a goal of attracting 1one million NeuCoin users in 12 months.

Through Jango, NeuCoin hopes to encourage millions of radio listeners to tip tens of thousands of participating artists. apparently has 7 million monthly users that listen to their favorite music and also have access to the musci 250,000 emerging artists. The NeuCoin Growth Foundation is giving all registered Jango listeners 25 NEU to tip their 5 favorite emerging artists as a start. Once listeners have tipped out their 25, they will get 25 more as a reward for themselves as well as another batch to keep tipping artists. The tipped artists will be able to use the NeuCoin they receive to gain r exposure on Jango and other promotional benefits.

For NeuCoin, the multi-player Facebook game Solitaire Racer will showcase how games can be made more appealing when players can win or bet virtual money in a game that they already like. Solo players can win NEU by completing decks, and the faster they play, the more they can possibly win.

NeuCoin will next launch a music trivia game currently under development, followed by a wave of 3rd-party game publishers introducing NeuCoin-integrated versions of existing games with large user bases.

NeuCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed and positioned for use in online games, video, music and other online content.

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