Airbitz Integrates Fold Giving Customers 20% Off at Starbucks

Bitcoin wallet provider Airbitz has announced that it has integrated Fold, giving users a 20% discount at Starbucks via the Airbitz wallet app.

Users can buy gift cards for Starbucks and Target within the app in the same tab where they can buy and sell bitcoin through Glidera.

Paul Puey, CEO & Co-Founder of Airbitz, commented:

We are excited to announce our integration with Fold app which will give users a 20% discount at Starbucks direct from the Airbitz app.

To kick off this news, we made some Starbucks inspired aprons and printed out flyers to pass out in front of Starbucks across the country. (See photos attached). Our street teams will continue to distribute over 100,000 flyers in the upcoming weeks.

We think this opens up new doors for people new to bitcoin and gives a good reason for average consumers to start using it. For avid bitcoin users, many already take advantage of the huge discount offered by Fold for Starbucks gift cards–you get 20% when you buy with bitcoin through their site. While it’s already a fairly easy process, we’ve streamlined it to make it even more simple. If you need bitcoin for the gift cards, you can use our buy/sell feature to link your bank account and buy directly. It only takes a couple days for your wallet to be credited. However, if you already have bitcoin the process is even easier. Follow the steps below to start saving today.

The process for buying through the new integration appears fairly straightforward.

From within the Airbitz app, users can look under settings and select BUY/SELL/SPEND. Settings are on the right side for iOS and the left for Android devices.


Select either “Up to 20% Off on Starbucks” or “Up to 10% Off on Target”.


Then, add funds by selecting the amount you’d like for a gift card. If there is a surplus, users can refund the difference back into their Airbitz app.


Fold apparently has plans to add a few more retailers that will blow your mind. Stay tuned for these announcements coming soon and enjoy your discounts!

The integration of payment options within bitcoin wallets is relatively. The company did not say when such services will be available outside the United States.

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