Magnr Offers New API for Traders

Magnr this week launched its new Trading API, a service frequently requested by the platform’s trading customers.

The company announced:

For Magnr Traders, one feature regularly requested has been for us to provide API connectivity; allowing automated systems trading through our platform. We understand that consistency in placing orders when indicators are in your favor is critical your trading success. Today we are proud to announce the official launch of our new Trading API.


The Magnr Trading API documents are available on github.

The API documents are also linked from logged-in areas on the Magnr User Dashboard.

magnrapi-loggedinMagnr, originally known as, has its origins in automated trading bots, according to Magnr Founder and CIO. In a recent blog article, Lee wrote about his past experiences trading with automated bots. He notes:

I set my sights on developing a way to automate order placement. The mathematical model was basic. Taking fees into account, if the ask price of one exchange dropped below the bid price of another exchange, there is an opportunity to profit.

Lee’s successes with automating his trading decisions eventually lead to the development of the trading engine used at  ‘’, which is now the Magnr Bitcoin Trading Platform.


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