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Dash Coin Team Developing Next Gen Platform “Evolution” with Decentralized API

The team behind privacy-centric digital currency Dash plan to develop and release a more secure, scalable platform, called Evolution.

The lead developer and founder of Dash, Evan Duffield, states that the goal of Evolution, which will be completely open source software, is to

make Dash even more secure, allow it to scale to extremely large levels, and make it easier to use than any cryptographic currency that presently exists.

The major component in Evolution is an innovative decentralized application programming interface (API). Duffield explained:

APIs are centralized by design. All requests to an API are through a centralized service. With Dash Evolution, we’ve designed a new type of API where the process is completely decentralized and still highly secure.

Evolution’s new decentralized API will permit users to interact with the Dash network without downloading and learning a complicated wallet, or waiting for their wallet to sync with the network. The goal of the Dash Evolution project is to make cryptocurrency as easy to use as PayPal and similar services, but without the centralization and fees.

The project team noted that the Dash Evolution is a huge project that will take years to fully deploy. Dash plans to released the first version in 12-18 months and will feature the decentralized API and “massive scalability” improvements.

…hundreds of thousands of transactions per second will be possible…

The Dash team has declared that they are developing Evolution in a “completely open way.” Documentation is available at

Duffield will be demonstrating a prototype of Evolution’s decentralized API at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami on January 21-22, 2016.

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