Coinnections Releases AML/KYC Compliance Software for Bitcoin Exchanges & ATMs

Coinnections, an Atlanta based software as a service firm, has revealed that it has launched a private beta of its anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) compliance software for bitcoin businesses.

The firm claims that its AML/KYC compliance platform is designed to enforce a business’s AML compliance policy, with a combination of AML transaction monitoring, case management, enhanced due diligence, electronic SAR/CTR filing, and an “intuitive workflow” that addresses the complexity of compliance responsibilities.

Coinnections was founded by former payments industry product manager and entrepreneur Aaron Williams. Williams made his debut into the bitcoin in 2013 when he took delivery of a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM machine.

Williams commented:

Since then the vision has developed. Coinnections is more than an AML compliance platform. We’ve put a lot of focus on auditing and change management as well. Auditing in the MSB space tends to be very resource intensive so we architected our systems to take as much legwork out of the audit process as possible.

About Coinnections

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