30 Day Bitcoin Market Report – November 2015

This 30 day bitcoin market report summarizes major bitcoin exchange activity primarily by volume for a thirty day period.

Market Chaining

New Zealand based Brave New Coin and Australia based Smartbit have formed a partnership to create a new cryptocurrency index. The duo have launched the BNC Bitcoin Liquid Index (BNC-BLX) in an attempt to create the “first provable index” for financial markets.

According to information provided by the two companies, the“partnership will be the first to engage in a process called ‘Market-Chaining’ where financial data such as market indexes, quotes and trades will be secured onto the Blockchain, providing immutable receipts”. More.

BraveNewCoin price & volume

BraveNewCoin’s Bitcoin Price Index tracks market averages for all cryptocurrency markets and all data including altcoins. The data on their website is a weighted average for over 100 $BTC and altcoin exchanges and 30 fiat pairs. The popular chart for November is below:

XBT Price Index / Market Averages 30 days

Chart courtesy @bravenewcoin

November price high low open close
November open $320.36 close ~$378.48
November high 492.17 low $307.05 monthly range $185.12

October open $240.54 close ~$331.34
October high $346.52 low $240.54 monthly range $105.98

$XBTCNY November 2015

The largest bitcoin market is $XBTCNY shown below:

Data courtesy

Highest trading volume in month

Data courtesy @bravenewcoin

The highest trading volume of the month was on Wednesday November 04 2015 with a 24 hour volume of USD 505,246,378 of bitcoin. The previous month mark was Friday October 30 2015 with a 24 hour volume of USD 1,017,143,056 of bitcoin.

Top exchanges by volume data for “All currencies” in 30 days:

Data courtesy as of November 30 2015
Data courtesy as of November 30 2015

Top exchanges by market share percentage: November 2015


Compare this against last month’s data below:

Top exchanges by market share percentage: October 2015 historical

Data courtesy as of October 2015

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Out of New Zealand
Fran Strajnar, Co-Founder & CEO of BraveNewCoin, has kindly supplied highlights of their recent news. This includes:

BraveNewCoin have developed the Liquid Index product in order to fulfill a marketplace  requirement for a single reliable fair price for Bitcoin based on real world trading activity. It targets the top most liquid exchanges as sources of data for this purpose. In a historic move BraveNewCoin is placing this BNC-BLX index on the blockchain – a first for provable XBT index metrics.

Equity position in a Blockchain Future?
What Fran didn’t say was that @bravenewcoin via @BankToTheFuture is offering an equity position in their “Big Data Company for the growth of the Blockchain sector”. This is a unique opportunity with 51 backers onboard, over $610,092 raised, and only 8 days remaining at the time of writing.


More: of-the-blockchain-sector.html

CO2 & Bitcoin
The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 opened in Paris on November 30 and runs to December 11 with an urgent agenda of addressing climate care. What does that have to do with bitcoin? The bitcoin hashrate may be considered a sizable chunk of the bitcoin industry carbon footprint.

User “ghdp” on the forum observed:

The problem is that the bitcoin network consumes electricity at an almost constant rate, 24/7. That kind of power is produced either by burning coal, gaz, or by splitting atoms and that’s not exactly “green”.

Current Hashrate
605,558,905 GH/s (December 06 2015)

The hash rate is the measuring unit of the processing power of the Bitcoin network.

With the departure of My Clean Sky, there is apparently no carbon offset broker in the bitcoin industry, notwithstanding a three article bitcoin environmental overview on Coindesk in years past. Based on recent social media activity there is little or no interest within the bitcoin community for carbon offsets, hence the absence of carbon offset brokers.

Carbon offsets could be tax deductible
Nonetheless, KittyBitcoin has committed to a long term climate care initiative offering carbon offsets for the bitcoin industry on a cost recovery basis. This is NOT a main focus and is a service to the industry. Somebody should do something … Did you know carbon offsets could be tax deductible?

Details are here:


Payment processing
Regrettably there is no payment by Bitcoin currently available for carbon offsets, it is on a lengthy to do list. Bitpay’s revocation of their free forever bitcoin processing services didn’t help and yes we did have a Bitpay account prior to that announcement. Interestingly Blockchain just rolled out version two of their free to use Receive Payments API on Github.

Special Issue coming up: XBT LivePriceTM
It looks like we’re on track for KittyBitcoin’s FIRST installable web software product release. One product is ready with exhaustive documentation and installation help diagnostic tools. The other two are close behind. It looks like it will be a 3 product simultaneous release in order to fully address bitcoin exchange rate limiting. More news coming soon. Stay tuned with

Thanks for reading & #HaveAGreatWeek 😀 best, Kitty.

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