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Scaling Bitcoin Hong Kong : An “Ongoing Process” of Collaboration

The second Scaling Bitcoin workshop is taking place in Hong Kong next week on the 6th and 7th of December

AllCoinNews sent questions to the organizing committee about the goals of the second edition of the meeting designed to build a pathway to consensus on how bitcoin will move forward. The organizing committee includes Eric Martindale, Neha Narula (Hong Kong program chair), and Pindar Wong (planning committee chair). We got the following responses to our questions.

ACN: What were the original goals of the Scaling Bitcoin series of workshops?

We wanted to create a safe space for research and dialogue surrounding the diverse array of approaches to scaling Bitcoin. Online forums aren’t always the best place to have your voice heard, especially when the topics or approaches can be so delicately nuanced. We wanted to make collaboration easier, so we could make sure we are all making safe and informed decisions with regards to the technical and social systems that power Bitcoin.

ACN: How were the workshops put together?

We all care very deeply about Bitcoin for one reason or another. The community came together from all corners to make this happen: devs, core devs, marketing, miners, biz dev, funders, academics… everyone has a unique perspective and offered their skills where they were able.

ACN: How will these workshop build a pathway toward consensus for improving scalability and increasing transaction processing capacity?

These workshops provide space to hear well thought out, detailed technical proposals and to question the authors. Face-to-face interaction and synchronization can aid in understanding ideas and reaching consensus.

By moving the format from a digital conversation to an in-person one, the workshop helps the community communicate effectively. Presentations and the discussions that happen around them can be quite nuanced, especially coming the multitude of fields of study that the Bitcoin community does. We’re hoping this improved communication will improve understanding and broaden the perspectives of everyone involved, moving us towards an informed decision about what to do next.

ACN: Considering there are various competing BIPs and differing interests, what is the likelihood that consensus will be achieved on a scalability pathway?

Our job is to facilitate this discussion. As organizers, we can’t actually force any consensus (and we shouldn’t). We are just trying to create an environment that makes it easier to talk about the different proposals and evaluate any test results.

ACN: How do you overcome the adversarial nature of the debate in the Bitcoin Ecosystem over scalability?

We want to create a safe space for everyone interested in the growth and sustainability of Bitcoin, and encourage them to attend. There will always be disagreements, but face-to-face events like this strengthen the community and bring us together in collaboration.

ACN: How confident are you that the Hong Kong workshop will do the trick? Be the ultimate catalyst for a deal on scaling Bitcoin? Or do you think there will need to be more workshops?

This is an ongoing process. Bitcoin is a very complex system with many moving parts; these workshops have shown how helpful it is to get developers together in the same place. There should absolutely be more regular developer meetups to build the future of Bitcoin.

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