Counterparty Launches 1st Dev Contest with 9500 XCP in Prizes

For the second anniversary of the Counterparty project, the Counterparty Foundation has launched its first development contest, called Devparty.

The foundation is calling for developers globally to build new Counterparty integrations, with up to 9,500 XCP in prizes available. According to the foundation, the goal of Devparty is to produce new software projects and demonstrate innovative integrations and uses of the Counterparty platform.

The contest began on December 1st and will end on February 9th, followed by a one week long judging period.

Developers can enter the contest by registering a project on a Google Form.

counterparty-devparty reg

Judging of projects in the contest will be done by two separate groups. The first group consists of seven judges appointed by the foundation:

  • Ivana Zuber, Counterparty General Manager
  • Robby Dermody, Counterparty Co-founder and President of Symbiont
  • Robert Ross, Counterparty Community Directo, Folding Coin
  • Chris Derose, Counterparty Community Director
  • Jeremy Johnson (J-Dog), Coindaddy
  • Ruben De Vries (rubensayshi), Blocktrail and counterparty-lib contributor
  • Matthew Tan (mtbitcoin), Blockscan

The community itself will be the second group of judges.

Voting will apparently be conducted via tokens, with each project getting its own bitcoin address where tokens may be sent. Vote counting will be displayed on Blockscan for both the judging panel and community voting.

After the 11 weeks long period, the two voting groups will award a first, second and third place for both the main prize and the community prize:

The judging panel will award 7,500 XCP total in prizes, including the following:

  • 6,000 XCP – First place
  • 1,000 XCP – Second place
  • 500 XCP – Third place

The community will award up to 2,000 XCP total in prize, including the following:

  • Up to 1,000 XCP – First place
  • Up to 750 XCP – Second place
  • Up to 250 XCP – Third place

Counterparty co-founder, Robby Dermody, has pledge up to 8,500 XCP total to the contest, with 7,500 for the main prize, and up to 1,000 will be to match donations 1:1 for the community prize. The amount of the community prizes entirely depend on matching donations from the community.

Launched in January 2014, Counterparty is a financial platform for creating peer-to-peer financial applications on the bitcoin blockchain.

Dermody formed the startup Symbiont in early 2015 with the other co-founders of Counterparty, Adam Krellenstein and Evan Wagner, and Mark Smith, the founder of MathMoneyf(x) and an entrepreneur behind various large scale trading platforms.

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