Bitcoin Markets Data Source Challenger Deep Rebrands as Kaiko

Challenger Deep, a provider of bitcoin industry data visualization, has rebranded its service as ‘Kaiko’.

The new name is to emphasize the Kaiko’s effort to dive deep into the data of the bitcoin ecosystem. ‘Kaiko’ was the name of the robot submersible that in 1995 explored Challenger Deep, the deepest ocean point on Earth.

Kaiko claims to serve all industry participants, from investors and traders all the way to consumers and even beginners.

The French company has a bitcoin price index (the Kaiko Index), market feeds from major exchanges, and blockchain explorer. There is also live block size and mining data, as well as various charts to show bitcoin’s finer details like average transaction fees and volumes. Live data feeds will apparently be made available for any party to use via open API access.


Kaiko’s Founder and CEO, Pascal Gauthier commented:

A solid data foundation is mandatory in any industry. No-one can act without it. What kind of business to launch, where to position it, what time is right, etc. A solid data foundation is mandatory before making any of these decisions.

Kaiko is headquartered in London, with a research and development team located in Paris. The company is currently recruiting “bitcoin-enthusiast engineers and data analysts” to expand its team. The firm is a sponsor of the Scaling Bitcoin 2015 event in Hong Kong, 6–7 December 2015.

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