BitPay’s Chrome app Copay Now Works with TREZOR Devices

BitPay’s Chrome app, Copay version 1.5.0, now works directly with TREZOR devices.

TREZOR permits bitcoin users to store their private keys on an external offline hardware device. The capability protects funds from accidental and malicious vulnerabilities the might affect devices connected to the Internet.

When TREZOR users send money, they can use TREZOR to sign their bitcoin transaction, without exposing their private keys to potentially-compromised devices or networks.

Users can add devices that are restricted from signing funds themselves, add multisignature to their wallets, and recover wallets with TREZOR devices,

The integration of hardware wallets, like TREZOR, and software wallets, like Copay, adds more layers of security, while this partnership demonstrates that user’s integration experience can be relatively simple.

BitPay ustomers can get started with integration by downloading the latest version of the Copay Chrome app.