GhostSec Detected Internet Activity Before Paris Attacks & ISIS $3M Bitcoin Wallet Address

Ghost Security Group, an anti-terrorist hacktivist group, detected Internet activity suggesting an imminent terrorist incident prior to the Paris attacks, according to a recent NewsBTC report. The group, widely known as GhostSec, says it is in the process of collating the data on the attacks to hand over to United States government officials

The ethical group of hackers also told Deutche Welle in September that it had discovered a bitcoin wallet address with more than $3 million of the cryptocurrency, which it believes is controlled by the Islamic State (IS).


A member of GhostSec told NewsBTC:

The Islamic State does use cryptocurrencies as a form of income to fund their ongoing operations and we have managed to uncover several Bitcoin addresses used by them. One of the accounts we analyzed was found to contain 3 million U.S. dollars worth of bitcoins.

The hacker group reports that most of the evidence that it has uncovered indicates that bitcoin is IS’ preferred form of cryptocurrency. They do not know if the terrorist state has bitcoin mining capability but it consistently receives donations through sites on the Deep Web. GhostSec reports that it has managed to find some of these IS websites and shut them down.

In addition to fund raising method, it is evident that bitcoin is also an ideal means for IS to move money across borders and supply its operations.

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