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Bitcoin Exchange Platform ANX Offers Full Suite of Blockchain Solutions

Bitcoin exchange solution provider ANX International announced today that it is providing a full front-to-back suite of blockchain tech  solutions to the global market . The core services consist of digital assets debit card solutions, digital assets white label solutions, advisory services, and foreign exchange and remittance services.

Ken Lo, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ANX, commented:

There is a growing demand for blockchain solutions from all types of firms from listed companies requiring their own blockchain-based loyalty programs, to companies wanting to manage their own digital assets exchange, without the burden of hiring a large team to maintain their operations.

ANX solutions are modular so customers can choose only the modules they require to implement a custom tailored made solution aligned with their business. Customers can also elect for ANX to run all their core operational services such as customer service, payment processing, KYC compliance, AML monitoring, wallet management and more.

ANX developed one of the first multi-currency online digital assets exchange platforms, and, the world’s first digital assets debit card, a full featured ANX Vault mobile app for digital currencies plus more. In 2015, ANX was awarded a “Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Award” from Mediazone Publishing.


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