Coinsetter Customers Experience Trading Issues over 36 Hours

New York City based bitcoin exchange, Coinsetter, announced today that some of its customers had experienced trading problem over a period of about 36 hours.

Some of Coinsetter’s clients reported not being able to execute and/or cancel orders, which was caused by a component of the trading system running out of disk space.

Jaron Lukasiewicz, Coinsetter’s CEO, informed customers that, since learning about the issue, the platform’s team spent time locating and resolving the problem.

Lukasiewicz said:

I’m happy to say that our team has now fixed this issue, and trading on Coinsetter is operating as usual again. Thanks for your patience if you were affected, and feel free to reach out if you require any further assistance!

Founded in 2012, Coinsetter is on the CFTC-regulated Tera Bitcoin Price Index, and claims to offer high uptime, low latency trade execution, enterprise bitcoin security by Securicoin®, deep liquidity and attractive pricing.
Coinsetter has raised approximately $3 million in venture capital from four different investors, including Barry Silbert, Blockchain Capital, Cryptonaut Ventures and Tribeca Venture Partners.

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