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Stellar Releases Major Upgrade that Runs Faster, Uses Less Memory & Stores Data Better

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Stellar, the global payment network targeting unbanked populations, has released to developers the latest upgrade of its network.

The software features major code improvements and utilizes the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), which is optimized for safety and apparently secures the network against forking.

The upgraded Stellar Core code is now meant to be more comprehensible and elegant. Less than half the size of the previous codebase, it is designed to be faster and use less memory and disk space. The new Core code for example handles only consensus, while the API server, called Horizon, handles pathfinding and provides a web-based interface to Stellar Core.

According to the project team, the Stellar Core also keeps data in more obvious and simple formats, in safer places. The codebase performs continuous backup to off-validator storage in XDR, an Internet-standard format, and the live ledger is in a conventional SQL database.

Eva Gantz, Head of Community at Stellar, added:

This smaller, faster codebase supports a network for a truly global economy. Developers all over the world can run Stellar Core on machines with a range of processing power and Internet accessibility.

The upgraded network is ready for developers to build the world’s new financial services. We can’t wait to see what the Stellar community will create.


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