UniPAY and Snapcard Partnership Offers Cryptocurrency Payment Solution for Georgia

Georgian e-wallet UniPAY and Californian based bitcoin payment processor and wallet Snapcard have announced a partnership to give customers greater flexibility and access to the global market. The partnership allows customers the option of using bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin at e-commerce sites globally, and the opportunity to convert to local currencies. Merchants will also have access to a bitcoin payment option.

Snapcard’s Head of International Growth, Jack Jia, stated that this would give the citizens of Georgia a greater ability to access the global economy. On a similar note, CEO of UniPAY, Koba Kurdadze, remarked that at present, visitors to Georgia are not always able to use payment cards to purchase goods and services.

Secured with SSL-encryption coding and featuring an in-built fraud protection system, UniPAY has 148,000 registered users and will activate 55,000 fully verified members, allowing customers to store and spend the three cryptocurrencies available to them.

The global payment service offered by Snapcard, the Snapcard MassPay, allows businesses to sell and send funds worldwide without assuming price volatility. Focussed on bitcoin, Snapcard provides services, products and e-wallets allowing users to use, buy and sell bitcoin.

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