30 Day Bitcoin Market Report – October 2015 – Closes 38% Up for Month

This 30 day bitcoin market report summarizes major bitcoin exchange activity primarily by volume for a thirty day period.


This report uses the acronyms BTC and XBT interchangeably.

Wider acceptance of bitcoin becomes possible with a standardized code. ISO 4217 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization. They create country and currency codes. “BT” is ISO reserved for the country Bhutan. ISO 3166 determines that no official country code beginning with X will ever be assigned. When X is combined with BT it yields the commercially unique XBT.

Most bitcoin exchanges use the legacy BTC label. Financial markets such as Bloomberg use XBT.

BraveNewCoin price & volume

BraveNewCoin’s Bitcoin Price Index tracks market averages for all cryptocurrency markets and all data including altcoins. The data on their website is a weighted average for over 100 $BTC and altcoin exchanges and 30 fiat pairs. The popular chart for October is below:

BTC Price Index / Market Averages 30 days


Chart courtesy @bravenewcoin

October price high low open close

October open $240.54 close ~$331.34
October high 346.52 low $240.54 monthly range $105.98

September open $228.35 close $239.92
September high $250.79 low $228.56 monthly range $22.23

The bitcoin price index began the month at approximately US$ $240.54. A slow rise found its way to a mid-month price of $281.73. The index fell off to $270.76 and then started a strong up trend. We saw double digit daily percentage gains near the month end. The index market average closed on a downtrend at approximately $328.98 down -3.22% in 24 hours.

$XBTCNY October 2015

The largest bitcoin market is $XBTCNY shown below:


Data courtesy

Highest trading volume in month


Data courtesy @bravenewcoin

The highest trading volume of the month was on Friday October 30 2015 with a 24 hour volume of

$USD 1,017,143,056 billion dollars of bitcoin.

Top exchanges by volume data for “All currencies” in 30 days:


Data courtesy as of October 31 2015

Bitcoin “wash trades”?

Bobby Lee, CEO of bitcoin mining and exchange recently spoke in in the article “BTCC chief Bobby Lee: Bitcoin is not anti-bank, it’s pro-innovation”. Mr. Lee stated:


Mr. Lee’s comments bring into question the volumes reported by two bitcoin exchange giants. A request for an official comment from both exchanges was unanswered at press time.

Top exchanges by market share percentage: October 2015


Data courtesy as of October 31 2015

Compare this against last month’s data below:

Top exchanges by market share percentage: September 2015 historical


Data courtesy as of September 2015

All @KittyBitcoin market reports

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KittyBitcoin current activity

KittyBitcoin completed its modest website expansion for Latin America. Most of the Spanish language countries in Central and South America are linked to corresponding country pages with ticker prices as available:


It was discovered that the price ticker does not always return a data set for supported currencies, and this was confirmed with their support. Nonetheless kittybitcoin visitors can now compare a wider range of bitcoin currency pairs from Latin America:

Localbitcoin Ticker Prices in South America

Arbitrage Project

The conceptual modelling and exploratory code for the bitcoin arbitrage project continues. It was learned that not all bitcoin wallet addresses may be reached via a direct browser query. One exchange confirms that it scrambles the bitcoin address given to customers for deposit or withdraw. A further half of bitcoin exchange addresses which were tested were not directly available via an http:// curl session. Another alternative is an API route.

Next Issue: CO2 & Bitcoin


Next Issue: CO2 & Bitcoin. Stay tuned with


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