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Crypto Social Network Synereo Gives UI Peek, Looks for Exchanges as MasterXchange Closes

Synereo, the blockchain-based social network, today provided a glimpse of its user interface in its latest update. The project team is also looking for new exchanges to accept its AMP coin.

For its frontend, Synereo is backing away from a drag-n-drop model but is still fully committed to a reactive paradigm of channels and labels or filters. The design draft of the UI provides more screen real estate by having a post sliding tray and having a centralized notification area.

The project team also revealed it had converted a major portion of the frontend from Haxe to the Scala.js compiler. Collaborating with another blockchain startup, called LivelyGig, Synereo used the opportunity to update the UI and tap into the community behind Scala.js.


With the coming closure of MasterXchange, the only exchange offering the project’s AMP cryptocurrency, Synereo called on AMP owners to transfer the coins to their Omniwallets and request exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex and Bleu Trade accept AMP.

The Synereo team stated:

Our friends at Omni assure us that their decentralized exchange, featuring the AMP token and many others and allowing trade between any two pairs of coins, will be live soon.

In the meantime, we want to get AMPs listed on standard exchanges. The following exchanges only list coins if they see a demand for them, and this is where you come in. The more these exchanges see interest by way of community requests, the more likely they are to list our tokens.

Omni is an alternative cryptocurrency protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain and the host protocol for Synereo’s AMP token .

MasterXchange was launched in 2013 to handle Omni’s flagship coin mastercoin, and was known for storing millions worth of mastercoins and maidsafe tokens.

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