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Neuroware to Deprecate its Blockstrap Blockchain API, Continue Building Three Protocols

Blockchain tech developer Neuroware has announced that it will deprecate its Blockstrap API by the end of the year.

The original idea behind Blockstrap was to lower technical barriers and empower developers and startups to get creative on the blockchain by using an HTML5 framework with an integrated API that already supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

Kuala Lumpur-based Neuroware first announced its plan in California on 500 Startups Demo Day in October 2014, launched the platform in the London TechCrunch Disrupt in November 2014, and earlier this year powered a DBS blockchain hackathon in Singapore.

Blockstrap generated a great deal of interest from cryptocurrency developers that helped contribute to three open protocols, namely BlockAuth – a identification and authentication protocol, Everstore – a distributed data platform, and Dnkey – a cryptographic key management protocol.

The decision to no longer support the API was a difficult one for the developer.

The Blockstrap team stated in a notice to its community:

This is why we wanted to inform you of our difficult decision to deprecate the Blockstrap API on the 27th of November, 2015. Our SSL certificate has already expired and will not be renewed. In the meantime our API will still work by removing the ‘s’ from https.

We will however be maintaining our framework moving forward but the entire project has been moved to a community-driven state and is now hosted on GitHub.

As mentioned in our thank you message, Blockstrap is a product of its time, and that time is not yet.

The team behind Blockstrap plans to continue improving on the three open protocols under the umbrella of the “New Neuroware.”

Over the summer, Neuroware contributed to a groundbreaking series of blockchain technology workshops across Europe in a partnership with startup accelerator Block Chain Space. This week the company kick-started the Maybank‘s fintech innovation week in Malaysia. Neuroware is also a portfolio company of London-based fintech investor Coinsilium.


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