SatoshiLabs Launches Beta at with Bitcoin Address Labeling

SatoshiLabs, creator of the Trezor hardware wallet, has released its new platform for public testing at

The beta provides several new features that include labeling of bitcoin addresses, adding private comments to transactions, renaming accounts for better organization, full-text search within the wallet accounts, and paging of transaction history.

trezor- mytrezor beta

The newly introduced labeling service stores all user-added information on the Dropbox cloud storage network.

By connecting a Trezor device with an individual Dropbox account, the user gains synchronized access to his labels and comments from any computer connected to Internet.


SatoshiLabs promises that all the comments and labels are never stored by SatoshiLabs or website. All user-added information is apparently encrypted by a key derived from Trezor device before being uploaded to the Dropbox folder, effectively preventing data leaks or misuse.

Trezor was the first bitcoin hardware wallet and has been Used in 98 countries worldwide.

SatoshiLabs has also created and Slush Pool

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